6 steps to healing after breakup

3-month program


We’ve all been there—breakup. Whether you initiated it or it came as a surprise, it’s devastatingly painful. It hacks your thoughts, steals your sleep,awakens the inner critic, brings doubt and makes you question your worthiness.

You trusted this man. You believed that he loved you. The chemistry was powerful and making love felt out of this world.  You had fun together, cooked together, traveled together, and even lived together. He made you laugh. You felt happy and special. You were convinced he is the one for you. 

And then something happened. He grew distant and cold. Or worse—he disappeared. You found out that he moved to the other end of the country, began a new relationship, or married someone else…

And now you can’t stop thinking of him. You can’t sleep. You wonder what went wrong. You lie in your empty bed, stare at the dark ceiling—feeling lonely and unlovable. And you try to figure it all out. You trace the red flags that you pretended not to see, and you blame yourself for all the times you made excuses for him.

You feel used. You feel betrayed. You feel like a fool. You feel heartbroken, depleted, lonely. You feel a huge gap in your chest. Once you start crying, it feels like it will never stop. You feel angry—for not paying attention to the signs, and for not doing something to prevent it. And you now wonder if you’d ever be able to trust a man again. Or to love.



Here is the good news: You can heal after a breakup. You can.

I help women who’ve been hurt—to heal and find happiness—and then never date the wrong man again. I have developed a system that can help you get through these times of pain, despair and confusion without closing your heart. I'll guide you through the 5 stages of grief and loss, then show you the 6 steps to healing after breakup.



•   Experience completion, so you can let go of the pain 

•   Regain your confidence and mend your heart, so you can heal and love again 

•   Restore trust in yourself and in men 

•   Find your way to inner balance and peace

•   Say goodbye to your inner critic

•   Slip past the trauma of the betrayal and feel good about yourself again

•   Remember that you matter



•Four 50-minute one-on-one Overcome Loss coaching sessions per month

•One15-minute I-Need-Support-Now phone sessions per month, for when you feel stuck or when things happen between coaching sessions

•Powerful rituals for letting go 

•Participation in all Live Your Truth group gatherings for the duration of your program

•Inclusion in private Facebook group where you can get support from other participants

Love Line email support for when you need the answers to your most burning questions now

Coach Preparation and Review Hours. I spend about 1 hour per month in planning our coaching sessions, reviewing your work, and monitoring your progress to ensure you get the most out of your coaching experience

BONUS #1: Soulmate vs. life partner – recording

BONUS #2: Attraction vs. connection – recording

BONUS #3: The powerful Increase-Your-Love-Vibration meditation, which uses sound current to heal your emotional body and promote self-love



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Getting over the pain of breakup takes time and dedication. But you don't have to do it alone. Having a guide next to you can help you recover sooner and save you years of unnecessary suffering.  So invest in your happiness today.

6 Steps to Healing After Breakup: 3-month program
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