and how they can help you improve the quality of your interactions


This 60-minute FREE webinar is packed with insights and groundbreaking information. I’ve been developing this system for about a year and I am ready to share some of it with you now. It can be especially helpful around the holidays, when you might have to be around people who ‘push your buttons” and trigger unwanted emotions in you.

During this webinar, I will be sharing some of my insights about communication and how they can make a difference in YOUR life. Find out what mode of communication you are operating from, most of the times. See if there is anything you’d want to adjust in order to simplify your life and harmonize your relationships with others.


The topics covered in this webinar include:

·      What is communication and why you might not be as good at it as you think

·      The 7 steps inherent to all communication

·      The 7 ways we communicate and what is their best use

·      How you can improve your communication skills and enjoy better relationships with those you love or work with


WHEN:  Wednesday, December 13, 2017              at 8pm EST (5pm PST)

WHERE: We’ll be meeting on Zoom. Note that this is a video call. You will have the option to turn off your camera if that’s your choice.

Please share this info with others who you think could benefit!