Gina Brezini was an accomplished artist whose art has been exhibited and acknowledged nationally and around the world. Her artworks are in many public, corporate and private collections. 

You can see some artworks here, some here and here

Gina Brezini

Relationship expert and coach with proven track record for guiding people to success in their personal and professional lives, motivating them to live and lead from their true power. Committed to making a difference in ways that empower, inspire, and connect.

Gina introduces new approaches to listening, mindful interactions and leading with transparency. Passionate about creativity, presence and connection.  

Gina Brezini holds a master's degree in Spiritual Psychology. Her coaching style is influenced by additional training in Strategic Intervention, NLP, leadership, masculine-feminine dynamics, Core Energetics and nonviolent communication.

A board certified coach and circling facilitatorGina is the founder of Love Solutions, Circling New York, Circling DC and a co-founder of Circling Adventures.

Before her career in coaching, Gina was involved in theater, film and visual arts. After immigrating to the US she founded, developed and managed a company dealing with fine art, public art commissions, and consulting. 

Originally from Bulgaria, she lived and worked in Italy, France, India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Serbia, Dubai and Mexico. She has created multiple communities of enlightened change-makers in the US and internationally.

Art, theater, dance, travel and intense personal transformation have helped her blaze her unique path, so she can now teach and inspire others to find their own. Reinventing herself regularly, she remains an artist, a teacher and a student of the human condition—serving those who are committed to find creative solutions and think outside the box.


Gina supported and mentored me through an emotional “re-birth”. With her compassionate guidance I learned how to embrace and express my emotions, how to accept, listen, love and nourish all true relationships in my life, most importantly the one with my inner self, without the fear that clouded my life at that time. I re-discovered the strength of the naïve child, the inspired dreamer and the gentle, sensitive soul, which exists in all of us. With Gina’s help, my life transformed as I chose to seek and embrace love and forgiveness within the world in and around me.
— R. B., Berlin, Germany
Working with Gina has been a most lovely experience. I felt she was genuinely on my side, rooting for me with insight, intelligence, warmth, and experience. She possesses strength and wisdom, and brings the love, love love.
— Jane, Brooklyn
Gina is a woman of such incredible spiritual depth. Working with her is truly sacred work as she draws on her deep intuition and a wide range of skills including mind-body work, circling, and NLP techniques among many others. It is an honor and a joy to travel with her as a guide on the path of healing. I have such gratitude for her help.
— K.W., San Francisco
Gina is pure love! When I am in Gina’s presence, I feel calm, relaxed, grounded and very connected with my body. I feel safe and I am able to explore my feelings and sensations that awake powerful insights. Space seems to magically shift when we dive deep together and I begin to experience myself as a whole, and in relationship. Gina always guides me lovingly to discover a new territory that I never knew existed in me.
— Ashley Hawkins, Colorado