Live your truth


Our world is so connected. So why don't we feel that way?

We live in times of 24-hour news and cell phones, Facebook and Twitter, internet and clever apps—all meant to create instant and continuous connection. And yet, we feel more isolated and alone then ever. Social anxiety is rising with alarming speed. More and more people don’t know how to interact face-to-face. We feel lost and incapable of having actual conversations. 

Superficial interactions do not feed our basic human need for love. We are starved for real, meaningful connections. But so many of us have forgotten how to create true intimacy, and have no idea where to start.

Luckily there is a solution: join us and learn skills that can help you to connect and to communicate openly, understand and accept yourself fully and without judgment.

This awareness group supports authenticity, connection, personal growth and profound transformation. You'll gain insights that will allow you to shift and evolve at the very foundation of your being. Making life changes then becomes a natural outcome.

The group gathers on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month, 4pm - 7pm. We engage in a powerful group process that pushes us closer to the edge of aliveness. It combines cutting edge personal growth modalities with ancient wisdom—opening a new doorway to transformation. It has the capacity to reveal our true essence and help us cultivate real connection. It teaches us how to ground ourselves in the NOW, and be fully present. 



  • practice being present, so you can connect with your body and feel more alive
  • create deep meaningful connections
  • tell your truth in a way that allows others to understand your perspective
  • access more choices when responding to, or interacting with others
  • discover blind-spots that might have stopped you from living life fully


We'll learn to pause and investigate what is right here, right now. Because it's only by accepting what is, we open to the goodness of this moment.  Being present grounds us into the Now and reconnects us with our values. 


While this is not a therapy group, it provides the benefits of deep healing and rapid transformation through reprogramming the way we relate to ourselves and others.


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