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Master Your Emotions

circling training weekend

“Raise your words, not your voices. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.” ~ Rumi


Friday, December 6, 2019                 7pm-9pm                 Washington DC area 

Saturday,December 7 - sunday,December 8         10am-7pm               Washington DC area               


Perhaps you have learned that it’s safer to hide your emotions. Perhaps you have concluded that it’s painful to feel. Perhaps you have experienced, at least once, some discomfort or disconnect caused by the expression of your true feelings.  

Or maybe you’ve been told that you are too intense? Too sensitive? Too negative? Angry or critical? Sad (and you shouldn’t be)? 

Perhaps you are convinced that certain emotions are unacceptable.

Looking happy has become the norm in our society. We are expected to look happy and agreeable. All. The. Time. We are urged to smile even when we don’t feel like it. Even if we are torn by pain. Even if we are upset. Even if we experience deep loss and don’t know how to make sense of it.

The pressure for looking happy forces us to build inner containers, in which we store sorrow, pain, anger, fear, shame, resistance and judgments. We stuff them in these containers, hoping that nobody will see them. We slip on a smile and the mask of happiness, and we walk around feeling heavy, exhausted and tired of caring around all this weight (a.k.a. emotional baggage). It takes a lot of energy to hide it inside.  

·     If you live life feeling unsafe, you probably harbor hidden emotions that tick inside you like a time bomb. You probably don’t know when they’ll explode and embarrass you, sweeping away everyone and everything near by. 

·     If you feel more and more isolated, could it be that you hide in order to spare others your darkness, your negativity, your bitterness, sadness or disappointment? 

·     Maybe you feel lonely. Misunderstood. And somehow disconnected from yourself. Maybe you tighten up the mask of happiness on your face, glue that charming smile of yours and try to convince yourself that things are OK. 

·     You may even list all you are grateful for—perhaps you’ve heard that gratitude is good for you and opens the door to that illusive ideal—happiness. Yes, gratitude is grand. But I’m not sure we can access it while in the midst of an angry fit, panic attack or unprocessed grief. 

These are some of the things we'll be exploring this weekend.



In this 2 1/2 day experiential workshop you will practice being present to all your feelings AND expressing them in ways that are healthy for you and those around you.

You will expand your ability to be with yourself and others, so you can create connection while you feel and express your true emotions.

You will practice being present and loving to yourself and others.

You will learn to communicate in ways that honor your emotions and help others understand and accept you.

You might find out that you are OK as you are.

You might drop some of your judgments and perhaps even feel safe. 

This experience will support you in becoming more aware of how you hide your emotions and how you can begin to master them, so you take the rains of your emotional life. Participation in this weekend training will gently help you accept all your feelings and transform some of your habitual responses. It will introduce new skills that you can begin to apply in your day-to-day life. You will practice authentic expression and use conscious communication to create congruency in your life.

Congruency is the key to inner peace.



  • become more comfortable with all your emotions as you learn how to neutralize and accept them

  • learn valuable tools for relating to people in a whole new way that you can use for the rest of your life

  • experience stronger connection with your Self and others

  • practice useful skills for seeing others at a soul level and creating deep heart-felt connection

  • become more congruent in all your expression. Congruency is the key to inner peace.


This is an immersive weekend, utilizing a cutting edge process which encompasses a number of spiritual and psychological modalities and gently delivers profound transformation.



•   create instant connection when speaking your truth in a way that others “get it” 

•   improve the way you communicate 

•   embody your full self-expression

•   discover your blind spots as others provide feedback on how they experience you

•   become deeply in tune with who you are and what you want

•   remember that you matter


During this weekend training we will practice centering ourselves and re-aligning with our values.  We will exercise presence, empathy and connection. There are three kinds of connection: connection to yourself, to another, and to a higher power. In this workshop we will be practicing all three, but the emphasis will be on connecting with yourself while in connection with others.


You will gain more awareness of who you are, what you need, what matters to you and why, how you stand in your own way and what you can do differently in order to experience more happiness in your life. 


Places are limited, so sign up NOW to ensure your participation: