YOU MATTER! Monthly Retainer Program

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soulmates heart-SQ.jpg

YOU MATTER! Monthly Retainer Program


We often plunge into relationships, driven by chemistry and desire. Then one day (sometimes years later) we wake up to find out that we are simply going through the motions, vaguely (or extremely) dissatisfied. On some level we know that something more is possible.

With some inner work and qualified guidance, this could change.

I work with successful men and women who feel unheard and unimportant in their relationships. I help them feel heard, understood and appreciated. 

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  • Stop feeling unimportant and lonely in your relationship

  • Learn how to turn frustration into connection

  • Express freely, without jeopardizing your relationship

  • Relax into love

  • Find the gifts in the tough times

  • Create loving connection in all your relationships

  • Enjoy more meaningful and intimate interactions