Coaching Programs

As a coach, I've spent years helping people to know themselves better, love themselves more, express their truth fully, and live more fulfilling lives. I've developed effective programs addressing different areas of my clients' lives that might be in need of an update or complete transformation. 

Here is an overview of few of those programs. Each program is only a guideline and is modified to fit your unique needs, and in accordance to your willingness to transform your life, feel more empowered and live more fully. 



YOU Matter!

For those who feel socially shy, somewhat lost or insecure, stuck or lonely. This program focuses on self-love, discovering your true desires, and honoring your deepest needs. It offers tools that can help you connect with yourself in an entirely new way, so you can enjoy more meaningful and intimate interactions with the people in your life.



Getting over the excruciating pain of breakup takes time. But you don't have to do it alone. Having a guide next to you can help you recover sooner. This program will save you years of unnecessary suffering and prepare you for new love.  


90 days to success

This program is designed for women who are ready to start creating a successful coaching or healing business. Together we'll explore your goals, needs and desires, and eliminate what holds you back. You'll be able to break free from beliefs and patterns that no longer serve you, so you can utilize your full potential and move confidently forward.


Irresistible you

This program offers a variety of practical tools that can help you become irresistible and spark lasting attraction by simply being you.


balanced Life

Reduced stress and successful relationships for busy women in executive positions.



conscious loving

Create, save and improve your relationship. Learn practical tools that can help you get heard, understood and appreciated in all your interractions with others.  



Group Programs

As powerful as individual work is, there are many advantages to working in a group. Often, you can receive as much value from others' processing as from your own. Others' issues can mirror or activate your own and lead you deeper into the work you need to do. 

We currently offer two groups: a closed group for women in their 20s, and a mixed group that welcomes beginners and is open to continuous flow of new members, as well as participants who consistently come back for more.



LIVE interactive training sessions for women who want to create a heart-felt connection with a man. In order to see real results, we'll get together via Zoom every Saturday, 1-3pm EST for three months. We'll begin on Saturday, September 28 at 1pm EST. 


live your truth

This awareness group is the least expensive way to work directly with Gina Brezini. The group is held the last Sunday of each month, from 4pm-7pm. It is a safe, gentle yet powerful learning and healing experience, rooted in self-inquiry and relating to oneself and others. 


confidently you

For the millennial woman who is willing to access her essence, find her full Yes and her clear No; master her emotions and practice embodied connection - to herself and others. This group will gather every 1st & 3rd Tuesday. The maximum number of participants is ten.