Learn how to heal on ALL SEVEN levels. Practice THREE simple yet powerful energy techniques to release negative feelings safely, so you can easily let go of pain and experience clarity and inner peace.

Your partner slept with someone else. You were lied to, day in and day out, for weeks, months or even years. And now you feel like a failure when the rug is pulled out from under your feet. You cried your eyes out, feeling ashamed, helpless, angry and hurt. Perhaps you are embarrassed to even say that you married this person.


Because of it you will lose time with your children for the rest of your life.

Because of it you are losing everything you put in the house, and maybe even the house itself.

Because of it you are losing self-esteem and forgetting who you are…

Because of it you lost your partner and the dream of what your life could be.

But there is hope.

There is a way to heal on all levels and begin again—either with your partner or in a relationship with someone new.

Enroll in this course to discover the energy techniques you need in order to heal faster and more fully after being cheated on.  Recover from the brokenness, so you can expand, make empowering choices, trust again and love more richly. Re-connect with the worth and dignity within you. Re-claim your confidence and your real Self, so you can stand in your true power and keep the man you love. Restore trust in yourself, others and life itself, so you feel more peace inside. Clear what might stand in the way of enjoying a relationship that meets your deepest needs and keeps you happy. Learn how to release unwanted and unexpressed feelings in conscious ways, so you are free of negative mind chatter at last.


awaken your spiritual energy for faster and complete healing with this groundbreaking new material!


An 8-week course looking deeply into the seven areas which we must heal before we can recover fully from the traumatic experiences of infidelity and heartbreak. Each week we focus on a specific area of hurt and how we can release pain, negativity and hurt, and create new sense of balance and calm. This course includes powerful step-by-step tools that will support you on the way to complete healing and inner peace.  

In This Course, You Will:

  • Learn To Use Energy To Heal The Pain And Restore Your Confidence
    Learn the importance of including your body’s intelligence, utilizing its power to heal faster and let go of emotional pain, so you can get back in the driver’s seat of your love life.

  • Get THREE Powerful Energy Tools
    Master THREE of Gina’s most effective energy healing techniques that’ll help you gain control over your decisions, reactions, and emotional pain and attract more love and more happiness in your life (you can see instant results as you begin to apply them)

  • Learn How To Get Answers From Your Intuition
    Learn when is a good time to get answers to your most important question — to stay or not to stay.

  • Get Support And Speed Up The Process  

    Acknowledge and accept all your emotions, mastering your emotions is essential for your healing.

  • Learn How To Clear Your Energy Blocks 
    Easy to follow, weekly energy techniques that will help you clear blocks and find inner peace. 

And so much more…

This material will bring clarity and awareness into a process that can be confusing, perplexing and even messy. Just knowing what to expect and where to look for relief can be of tremendous help.

You will have lifetime access to the SURVIVING INFIDELITY course — you can watch it as many times as you like, deepening your understanding of the principles.

The course consists of 27 instructional videos, downloadable audios of the videos to play on the go, and an expansive body of practical exercises, affirmations and meditations that Gina has prepared specifically for this course.

Journey with Gina Brezini and a community of like-minded individuals through this eight-part course that will help you let go faster of the pain caused by infidelity.

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Meet Your Host, Gina Brezini!

Gina Brezini is a relationship expert, a teacher and a healer who integrates coaching, mindfulness and energy healing into her work. She is a life coach with proven track record for guiding people to success in their personal lives. Gina helps others to live from their true power and create more fulfilling relationships. She is committed to making a difference in ways that empower, inspire, and connect.


Gina works in many modalities – physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual – and so far her intuition about finding a way for me to move forward again has been stellar. She has introduced me to processes that are getting me back in touch with my own self-esteem, knowledge, love and wisdom. I find the combination of private sessions and weekly Circling events is extremely powerful. Gina is an extraordinary healer and coach.
— Steve S., New York
With her incredible guidance, knowledge and energy healing abilities, Gina has helped me clear the most significant obstacle in my life. As a result of her coaching, I now have a deeper level of self-awareness through self-connection. She has helped me create the space for authenticity in my relationships, with the clarity to peel away the muddiness of societal pressure and social noise. A rare and beautiful soul—Gina is a gift.
— Elizabeth V., New York
Gina is literally magic. I have attended her Circling events which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to work on awareness of inner thoughts, feelings, and unconscious dynamics that often rule our perception of reality, our place in life, and our relationships... I recommend Gina 100% both as a 1 on 1 coach and in any events, workshops and classes she teaches. A very wise woman indeed.
— Olivia F., New York

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