Confidently You women’s group

activate your creative, intuitive and sensual self


Mission: To elevate and inspire 20-something women to become the most authentic versions of themselves in order to create the lives they desire.

Description: In our current cultural climate, it is more important than ever to elevate the collective feminine and play BIG with our lives. Through this group, we will come together as a community of diverse, ambitious, young women who want to tap into our deepest desires and support one another as we navigate the road of the 20-something journey. 

Four Sisters by Claudia Tremblay

Four Sisters by Claudia Tremblay

Do you feel like you are stuck in a career that doesn’t align with your passion? Do you want a love life that is on your terms?  Do you have audacious goals that are SO big they might seem impossible?

Then it’s time to drop fears, insecurities and self-doubt and take charge of your life.

Join us on a journey of self-mastery and empowerment.

The concept of empowerment, while overused, is an important one. This is the only word that means to embody power. It means to live from a place of personal strength, autonomy, and integrity. To hold, embrace, and employ who you are. To make choices, to take action, and to feel an impact.


To be empowered is to be the independent agent of your own life, the architect of your destiny.


Empowerment is what we can be. What we can have. What we can do.

What kind of lovers can we be when we don’t give away our power? And what type of lovers can we attract then? Empowerment is to consciously create our own experiences. It’s to tell our truth in ways that inspire. It’s to expand as we develop, nurture, heal, explore our sexuality and live, act and speak from our true being.


This group will begin on March 6, 2018. We will meet twice a month to work through what we need to heal, and to elevate one another to our most authentic selves. Through self-inquiry and carefully selected practices and exercises, we’ll begin to access our true feminine power. Because when we connect with who we truly are, we can heal ourselves, and the world. 


In it we will focus on topics like:

·      women’s sexuality

·      healing past hurt

·      know and radically accept your body

·      true feminine power

·      supporting each other

·      the seven steps to true empowerment


If you are interested in participating, fill out the form below. We'll then schedule a phone conversation to decide if we are a good match and will give you more information about how to join and take advantage of this life-changing opportunity.

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