I work with people stuck in the pain of feeling disconnected, misunderstood and alone. I help them get unstuck, feel heard and understood, and create meaningful connections.

"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." Anaïs Nin

Because the risk and the challenge to blossom is worth it: life tends to be most rewarding when we respond to it with a focused heart and an open mind. If we don’t enter into the adventure of self-examination, we tend to seek comfort over greatness, safety over renewal, approval over authenticity, the predictable over the unknown. We walk a path well-worn by others, instead of forging our own.

By plunging into the adventure of getting to know yourself, you are making a commitment to be in a conscious relationship with your soul. You are adventuring into the rich magic of your most authentic, meaningful, and fulfilled life. 

Many of us have the insistent desire to love more deeply, live more fully, and find sustainable happiness. Yet the happiness, fulfillment and peace we seek, often remain out of reach. I believe that until we really learn to love ourselves and become our own best friends, we cannot achieve that happiness.

Self-love has many facets and includes all areas of life. The energetic exchanges that occur when we love ourselves help us let go of judgments, discharge when tension builds, and reestablish balance in the body. It assists us, and others, in being more present, connecting to the external world, and to other people. And when we are fully present, we experience life as it impacts us. We remain open and we become more aware that we have choices. 

Are you ready to begin your own journey to greatness, authenticity, and living life fully?

For the one who has found their way, and for the one who is still searching. For the one who is brave enough to take the leap, and for the one still standing on the edge.

This is for you. 

Upcoming Events

LIVE your truth

Every 1st and 3rd Sunday from 4pm-7pm. Participating in this awareness group is a safe, gentle, nourishing yet powerful experience. Join us and discover how it feels to truly connect with yourself and others. Learn relational tools that will serve you in your day-to-day life.

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The art of truth wknd training

Saturday, June 2 - Sunday, June 3, 2018. How do you edit yourself and why? Practice expressing  and connecting authentically, while healing aspects of you that are ready to be transformed. We’ll explore different levels of truth-telling, learn useful communication skills, and more. 

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In this 1-hour free presentation Gina Brezini introduces the seven ways in which we are meant to communicate. This brand new material traces the energetic pathways of communication.

Gina offers a deeper look into how we use communication to connect or disconnect; what are the possible places where energy gets stuck, and how this affects the depth of our connection, the fullness of our expression and the quality of our relationships.  

Join us for this groundbreaking perspective on how we relate!






Gina has been my coach for more than 2 years. With her incredible guidance, knowledge and energy healing abilities, she helped me clear the most significant obstacle in my life. As a result of her coaching, I now have a deeper level of self-awareness through self-connection. She has helped me create the space for authenticity in my relationships, with the clarity to peel away the muddiness of societal pressure and social noise. A rare and beautiful soul—Gina is a gift.
— Libby V., New York
Gina is literally magic. I have attended many of her Circling events which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to work on awareness of inner thoughts, feelings, and unconscious dynamics that often rule our perception of reality, our place in life, and our relationships... I recommend Gina 100% both as a 1 on 1 coach and in any Circling events or other workshops and classes she teaches. A very wise woman indeed.
— Olivia F., New York
Gina works in many modalities – physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual – and so far her intuition about finding a way for me to move forward again has been stellar. She has introduced me to processes that are getting me back in touch with my own self-esteem, knowledge, love and wisdom. I find the combination of private sessions and weekly Circling events is extremely powerful. Gina is an extraordinary healer and coach.
— Steve S., New York