Have you been cheated on?

It may seem like this pain will never end. But it will. And I’m here to remind you that you don’t have to go through it alone. Join me for a special webinar to learn how to heal quickly and recover fully from the pain of infidelity!

For those who have found their way, and for those who are still searching. For the ones who are brave enough to take the leap, and for those still standing on the edge.

This is for you. 


We all experience challenges in our relationships. Whether with spouses, lovers, partners, co-workers, friends, children or parents, relationships have the power to make us deliriously happy or intensely miserable. It's important to identify and understand the patterns of emotions and the underlying dynamics in our relationships. Because sometimes these patterns and our interactions can cause anxiety, insecurity and lack of direction. 

I have the passion, the skills and the expertise to help you find what's holding you back and what prevents you from having more harmonious relationships. I can show you how to break through limitations in order to create amazing relationships and achieve a fulfilling life. 

I work with cutting edge methods that make it easier to create deeply rewarding relationships that can sustain you for life.  I offer private counseling for individuals and couples, as well as effective group processes that quickly change how you relate, communicate and experience connection.

I believe in the service I provide. I believe in the results you'll get from working with me.

By introducing powerful tools for change, I help you break through negative patterns and create unexpected possibilities. I introduce new models for understanding relationships, and fresh strategies for improving them.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, when you work with me, you will:

  • learn to create real connection, so you can enjoy relationships that nourish you without stifling the essence of who you are

  • feel heard, understood and appreciated in all your interactions

  • say goodbye to your inner critic

  • handle conflict in a way that’s harmonizing and can bring you closer together

  • recognize the destructive patterns that tend to happen again and again, so that you can stop functioning on autopilot, be fully conscious of what’s happening, and why

  • slip past self-consciousness into authentic self-expression and feel truly good about yourself

My expertise is in helping people to relate in new ways and create deeply empowering connection.

Upcoming Events

LIVE your truth

Last Sunday of each month, from 4pm-7pm. Participating in this awareness group is a safe, gentle, nourishing yet powerful experience. Join us and discover how it feels to truly connect with yourself and others. Learn relational tools that will serve you in your day-to-day life.

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Master your emotions

This experience will support you in becoming more aware of how you hide your emotions and how you can begin to master them, so you take the rains of your emotional life. You will practice authentic expression and use conscious communication to create congruency in your life. Dec.6-8

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Gina works in many modalities – physical, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual – and so far her intuition about finding a way for me to move forward again has been stellar. She has introduced me to processes that are getting me back in touch with my own self-esteem, knowledge, love and wisdom. I find the combination of private sessions and weekly Circling events is extremely powerful. Gina is an extraordinary healer and coach.
— Steve S., New York
With her incredible guidance, knowledge and energy healing abilities, Gina has helped me clear the most significant obstacle in my life. As a result of her coaching, I now have a deeper level of self-awareness through self-connection. She has helped me create the space for authenticity in my relationships, with the clarity to peel away the muddiness of societal pressure and social noise. A rare and beautiful soul—Gina is a gift.
— Elizabeth V., New York
Gina is literally magic. I have attended her Circling events which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to work on awareness of inner thoughts, feelings, and unconscious dynamics that often rule our perception of reality, our place in life, and our relationships... I recommend Gina 100% both as a 1 on 1 coach and in any Circling events or other workshops and classes she teaches. A very wise woman indeed.
— Olivia F., New York